Self-Service Kiosk

Date: Jun 2019 - Sep 2020
Market: Airline
Role: UX Manager
Tags: UX, Product, Airline, Travel
Site: www.emirates.com

Airports across the world are deploying self-service kiosks in a primary customer-facing role to increase the number of customers served, enhance revenue opportunities, build customer satisfaction, and radically drive down their costs per customer. With future operations in mind and embracing new technology Emirates was looking at this option for its primary airports and outstations.

My role in the project was to manage the UX design team in the definition, research, delivery, documentation and validation of all of the kiosk screens that a customer would engage with to complete specific tasks such as check-in, receive a boarding pass, change their seat options, drop-off bags, etc.

Designing for a kiosk required additional accessibility considerations, this also included hardware constraints and requirements that the team had to navigate through during the project to make sure that all users could easily use the platform. Extensive usability testing was performed with different frequent flyers and all accessibility requirements were documented for future releases and enhancements.
After finishing the initial flows and wireframes we didn’t have access to a physical kiosk to test with users. We knew that it would be important to get consumers to interact with a touchscreen as it would be important to understand if information and content was easy to navigate and access, so we opted to use iPad Pros to conduct the user testing.

User Testing Round 1 | Understanding Luggage

User Testing Round 2 | Combined Baggage