Meal Pre-Ordering Project

Date: Jun 2019 - Mar 2020
Market: Airline
Role: UX & Product Design Manager
Tags: UX, Product, Airline, Travel
Site: www.emirates.com

Over the last few years, a number of airlines have created the option for premium passengers to pre-select their meals before flying, for various reasons relating to both customer experience and cost / wastage reduction.

Emirates saw an opportunity for value creation through implementing the same initiative for Business & First class customers to enhance the passenger experience (reducing instances of passengers not receiving their first meal choice) and for potential cost improvements through reducing the need for loading buffers in premium classes.

My role in the project was to lead the product design & UX, define the end-to-end solution and explore how this would be achieved whilst also validating with Emirates customers whether this was a feature they would want to use.

To really get an understanding on whether the proposition worked for frequent flyers, we used our high-fidelity wireframes to create a prototype that could be validated with users, this quickly helped us to understand any gaps our pitfalls in the experience, it also helped us to identify that waste reduction was a key driver to get customers to pre-select their meals ahead of the flight.